About Office Outpost

Office Outpost is a co-working facility on the shore of Lake Superior in beautiful Grand Marais, Minnesota.

We offer monthly and drop-in memberships that provide access to a private spaces for working and collaborating.

Whether you are a visitor or a resident in search of a place to get work done when you are not enjoying the many recreational opportunities that the North Shore has to office, Office Outpost is a place to pursue your global connection.

Like your regular working office, we have desks and chairs and a conference room, as well as high-speed fiber internet and free black and white printing. Whether you need to deal with a critical business issue or hash out a brilliant idea that just came to you, the space will welcome you.

Every day, there are people at the Office Outpost who are balancing their work and their recreation. Grand Marais offers you a place to get away from it all, and Office Outpost offers you a way to stay connected when you need to. When the solitude of the North Shore inspires you, let us give you a space to turn that inspiration into creativity. With 24 hour autonomous access the space is available when you need it for an hour, a day, or longer.

Office Outpost was created by the Cook County Broadband Commission with funding from the Blandin Foundation, True North Broadband Access, and other local partners. It was opened in the summer of 2016 and aims to become a premier co-working facility on the North Shore.

Site access:

Note: To enter the space, you will need the free Kisi app on your iPhone or Android device. Kisi provides keyless entry to the site.

To gain entry to the site, book and pay for time via the www.officeoutpost.space website. After you complete your purchase, you'll immediately receive an email from Kisi providing you keyless entry to the site. After you've received the email, download the Kisi app, and login. You need to have location services and Bluetooth enabled on your device to unlock the door. Then when you're ready to start your time, go to the front door of Office Outpost, click Unlock Door in the Kisi app, and the door will unlock. Access to the site is primarily self serve, the site is only staffed on an occasional basis.

Wifi access:

Once you're in the space, join the Office Outpost wifi network. Your time pass will start to count down once you log on to the network. Your browser will display the amount of time you've been logged on, so you can track how much time you have left. If you purchased an hourly pass, your wifi will disconnect after the hour ends. If you want to stay longer, just purchase additional time.

For complete instructions on using the site, see our Onboarding instructions.