Onboarding Instructions

1   What you’ll need

To begin working at Office Outpost you will need the following:

  • iPhone or Android phone – Using the Kisi app, this will be your key to unlock the door to the workspace.
  • Credit card – We accept all major credit cards. At this time, Office Outpost does not accept any other forms of payment.

2   Getting Started

While this process can be completed entirely from a smartphone, this guide will display screenshots from a desktop web browser. We find that it is much easier to set up your account and purchase a time pass before your first visit. That way, you can get straight to work when you arrive!

  1. First, go to www.officeoutpost.space
  2. Click My Account in the upper right hand corner.

3. Click the green link at the bottom of the page: New User? Click Here To Sign Up

4. Enter your information in the fields provided. Note, any field with a red asterisk (*) is required for registration.

5. When finished, click Sign Up.

6. Read through the terms and conditions of using the Office Outpost space and services. Click Accept.

7. PRICE PLANS: If you would like to purchase a monthly recurring membership, choose the price plan on the page displayed. Price Plans automatically charge to your account each month on the day you sign up. If you would like to purchase time by the hour, day or week, click Continue Without A Price Plan.

8. If you choose to purchase time by the hour, day or week, these purchases are not recurring. You will need to have a valid time pass in order to gain entry to the space. Time passes do expire – Hourly and Full Day passes expire at midnight on the date of purchase – Weekly passes expire in 7 days.

9. Click Continue. NOTE: Do not check the Add To My Plan box. By selecting these products over a recurring plan, you do not have a Price Plan to add to.

10. A popup will appear for reviewing you purchase, click Continue.

11. Click the Pay By Card button.

12. Enter your card details and Checkout.

13. The page will refresh and display your completed payments.

Congrats! Your account is set up! You are almost ready for access. We now only need to get you your key for the front door!

3   Getting your door key

  1. Using an Android or iOS device, go to either the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Kisi app and install it. At this time, Office Outpost only supports Android and iOS platforms.
  2. Once installed, open the Kisi app and register using the same email address used with signing up at OfficeOutpost.space.
  3. Once registered, the Main Door will appear on the app screen.

4 Getting to work and using Wifi

  1. Once you arrive, simply open the Kisi app and swipe to unlock the door. You must be close to the door to open it. The door will buzz and the lock will open briefly.
  2. When you are ready to use the internet, select the Office Outpost wifi network. A browser page will launch to the Office Outpost login screen. Enter your credentials and log in.

3. So long as you have a valid time pass, the following screen should be displayed. If you close the page and want to check your usage, navigate to

4. If you still need to make a purchase, you can do so from the log in screen using the links provided.

Congrats, you are ready to get to work!